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Monday, August 7, 2017

One-Semester Study-Abroad Program in Tübingen (Winter 2018): Friday, September 15 (Application Deadline)

The program takes place in the Winter term, and is intended for students who have completed at least German 221/231 or a 300-level German course by the end of the Fall 2017 term. 

The German Department strongly recommends that you precede your stay in Tübingen by attending two four-week sessions at the Goethe Institut in Schwäbisch Hall (January and/or February) where you will live with a host family.  This segment is not part of the CGIS program itself.  Please talk with Andrew or me about the Goethe segment (see our contact information at the bottom of this email).

The CGIS portion in Tübingen will start early in March with a mandatory Kompaktkurs (6 credits) or a Startkurs (3 credits).  While you will be enrolled for the Winter 2018 term at the University of Michigan, you will then take classes during "Sommersemester" at the Universität Tübingen (mid April - late July). You will earn 15-18 credits for Winter 2018: the courses that you take in Tübingen can be language courses for international students or regular university courses.  Various university courses outside the English Department are taught in English.

Tübingen credits can be used to satisfy degree requirements for a German major or minor.

For more information about the Tübingen program, go to:

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