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Monday, July 17, 2017

Job Posting - 12-Month Trainee Program with German American Chamber of Commerce California in Leipzig: Monday, July 31 (Application Deadline)

The GACC California is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting relations between the U.S. and Europe. It has been helping European and international students from all over the world find career development opportunities in the U.S. for over ten years. The GACC California is an innovative and forward-thinking organization with a global reach.

Program description:
The 12-month U.S.-European Exchange Program gives American students/graduates the chance to experience international business from a European perspective. As a Program Coordinator in the placement team, you will be helping international students and graduates realize their career development goals in the U.S. You will be guiding applicants through the application procedure and coordinating correspondence with U.S. companies. Furthermore, Coordinators are given the opportunity to grow the placement programs with relative freedom. You will be offered a stipend!

How do you benefit from this program?
* You will receive intensive training in international business, human resources, administration, intercultural communication
* Participants gain experience in an international office working with clients from around the world
* Language immersion: The office uses both German and English
* Travel Europe over long weekends
* You have the chance to eventually work in the San Diego or New York office
* Get international work experience and travel Europe
* Experience Europe and work with an international organization in the heart of Germany during a 12-month paid program!

* Effective communication skills are key to success as you will actively maintain and develop relationships with U.S. companies, as well as establish new ones in order to advance GACCCA’s  internship and volunteer placement programs
* Strong customer service skills are also important for this role and coordinators will have to demonstrate eagerness in helping students realizing their career development goals
* Basic administrative skills needed to maintain and improve administrative processes and organizational development
* Responsible
* Entrepreneurial spirit

Currently enrolled or recently graduated from a U.S. university with a background in German studies, HR, communications, international relations, international business or similar
* Self motivated, proactive and committed to making an impact on people’s lives
* Interest in international business and cultural exchange
* German language skills are preferred but not essential

Living in Leipzig:
* Apartment rental costs in Leipzig are very low – it is relatively easy to find a furnished room for 200-300 Euros a month
* The GACC California will assist you in your application for a one year visa. For more information on the process, have a look at the Leipzig Ausländerbehörde website
* Leipzig has a great public transportation system and is very bike friendly
* Get to know the city of Leipzig as an important historical and cultural point; from classical music to contemporary art, you can find everything in this up-and-coming city

To apply please send your resume and cover letter to or upload both using the form below. Please let the GACC California know when you would be able to begin.

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