This is the list of messages related to German at the University of Michigan. You generally receive these messages on Tuesday via email, and you will see them posted on Canvas (German Advising Mail at University of Michigan). If you have any questions, please see the German Department advisors Kalli and Mary Rodena-Krasan.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

German Advising Contact Information With Office Hours From Tuesday, June 18 - Tuesday, June 25

You can reach the German advisors through a general email:

We have two advisors for German undergraduates:

* Mary Rodena-Krasan (MLB 3128;
Mary's office hours this week are by appointment only.
Mary's Link for Office Hours:

* Karl-Georg Federhofer (MLB 3422;
My office hours this week are via Zoom only:
Wednesday, June 19: 1-5, 8-10 p.m.,
Friday, June 21: 12-5 p.m.,
Monday, June 24: 8-5:30, 8-10 p.m.,
Tuesday, June 25: 8-5:30, 8-10 p.m.,
and by appointment
My Zoom Link for Office Hours:

It is best to schedule appointments, which you have to do by 4 p.m. on the previous day. You can schedule appointments with us here:

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